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Electrocado – Plinky Plonk (Slynk Remix) – OUT NOW!

The delectable duo of Mr. Bill and Ryanosaurus, known to many under their succulent pseudonym Electrocado, return to Gravitas Music for the next installment of their culinary themed aural adventures. Following the stunning success of the original album, “Scribble Remixed” taps some of the…

Free Download: Slynk – Twerk Around The Clock

Slynk here and I think it’s about time for another free download right? It’s been a while but I’m back! My view on music has always been a positive one. I think music should make you feel good, make you want to have fun and make you dance but lately when I scroll down my Soundcloud feed, I’m just hearing all this stuff that just feels way too serious you know? I think trap and twerk music…

Slynk Remix “Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music”

It’s been a while since I’ve released a free download for you guys but I’ve been really busy working on my album which is coming out very soon!

I hope this track makes your summer a super funky one! Play it loud and enjoy :)

Slynk – Know Your Roots [Free Download]

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy the summer vibes in this jungle track. And just in time for 420 on Monday next week 😉

Congrats to Jay Macleod for winning the cover art design competition! Please get in touch with me with your address. I’ll be mailing you a copy of my Ghetto Funk Vinyl GFP015.

Young Black Teenagers – Tap The Bottle (Slynk Remix)

This is my 20th and final track to be released this year! Hoping to double that number next year
Merry Christmas and have a very funky 2015!

Slynk – Funk Fascination [FREE EP]

You might have noticed I have a fascination or, lets be honest, an obsession with all different types of funk music. I made this EP to share my fascination with you.

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