Free Download: Slynk – Twerk Around The Clock

FREE DOWNLOAD: Slynk – Twerk Around The Clock

Free Download: Slynk - Twerk Around The Clock

Free Download: Slynk – Twerk Around The Clock

Slynk here and I think it’s about time for another free download right? It’s been a while but I’m back! My view on music has always been a positive one. I think music should make you feel good, make you want to have fun and make you dance but lately when I scroll down my Soundcloud feed, I’m just hearing all this stuff that just feels way too serious you know? I think trap and twerk music in particular is too serious and that’s one of the reasons why I don’t like it that much. So I thought, fuck it. Let’s make a twerk remix of a classic swing track! I originally made it to play on NYE at my party in Vancouver and it went down a treat so I’ve been playing it almost ever set for the last few months. It always gets a great reaction.

Now you can enjoy it too!

Also, an apology about the hypeddit follow gate. Those things really annoy me when I’m trying to download a track on Soundcloud but you know what, I put my time and skill into this song. I think the least you can do is Follow/Like/Repost/Comment. It really helps me out and keeps me writing and giving away new tracks. So, sorry not sorry :)

Hit the download button below and turn it up loud! Don’t forget to check out my merch so you can look funky fresh this summer!