VA – Bass for Autism Vol. 2 – SLYNK – Wiggle It

Hey guys. I’m super excited to release this song for you today :)

Most of you guys probably know me for doing remixes/bootlegs and it’s not often that I write, release and master completely original music on my own so I’m really hoping you like this one!

I’m happy I can help to support a great charity with my music. Please buy the release and support the Organization for Autism Research with me :)

“Bass for Autism” is an organization that is dedicated to supporting autism research through the power of music.

Back in 2013, they shared their vision to raise funds for autism research with the edmDistrict & the EDM Network, receiving an overwhelming response that culminated in Bass for Autism Vol. 1.

This original compilation counts over 150,000 individual downloads and raised thousands of dollars. (You can listen to it here)

This awesome community continues to donate their amazing music, time, energy, and professional services to bring awareness to the need for autism research with a sequel that includes the likes of Savant, The Funk Hunters, CMC & Silentia, Cheshire and myself – with plenty of talent to spear and big hearts to donate!

Today, we have a chance to come together as a community and make a difference by supporting and purchasing this great release HERE.