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Slynk presents ULTIMATE FUNKY GLITCH HOP (Futureloops Sample Pack) Out Now!

ATTN: Producers and Music Creators: I just released my Future Loops sample pack! There is 1110 funky fresh loops (2.12GB). It took me about 2 years (on and off) to create.

Slynk – Gorilla On The Floor

Wanna learn how I made this track?

Slynk Studio Sessions S01-E05: New Bass Synth For The Second Drop

Today we do some work on the intro and record some backwards reverb stuff but mostly we work on recording a new bass synth line and shop it up and arrange it with our previous bassline.


Slynk Studio Sessions S01-E04: Breakdown And Second Drop

Today we work on the breakdown and the second drop. We granulate a vocal sample and program a synth for a fresh bass sound in the second drop.

I hope you enjoy!

Slynk Studio Sessions S01-E03: The funky solo

Today we program a synth and write/record/edit a funky solo.

Slynk Studio Sessions S01-E02: House work and sub layer

In this episode we continue work on the bass line and add a sub layer. We also do some structural editing.


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