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Hey, so, if you’re interested in music production, you’ve gotta check out the shop and get my Slynk’s Essential Ableton Toolbox. The initial response has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve spotted some big names using my racks including Stickybuds, Anomalie and Vaughn Oliver (producer for Kim Petras). These guys use my racks because they’re great for any genre of music, they are easy to use and they really really don’t suck. What are you waiting for? Click that button, buy my Toolbox and stop producing like a noob.


btw sorry in advance if this website sucks. i made it myself and i’m a fkn music producer/dj – not a web developer but at the same time i think i did a pretty decent job so you can just deal with it.
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You guys know, Ableton is my digital audio workstation of choice. In my opinion, it has the best workflow. Just drag and drop! Forget those annoying right-click menus. Sketch out an idea in minutes, not hours. Ableton have actively supported me, featuring many of my Ableton tutorials on their website and Facebook page. Thanks Ableton!
You can spend thousands on monitors and audio acoustic treatment for your studio and still not get a perfect reproduction of your deep bass frequencies. That’s where the Subpac comes in. It really makes you feel like you’re standing in front of a huge stack of subs at a festival. It’s insane. I know it sounds like a weird gimmick but trust me, it’s one of the most valuable tools in my studio.
Creator of some of the most innovative audio tools I’ve ever seen, namely their “Regroover” software. It uses artificial intelligence to dig inside your samples and extract it into layers. This is so next level because you can isolate just the kick drum out of a fully mixed drum loop for example. So many possibilities. Check it out!
Kilohearts have a different, more modular approach to VST plugins. They use a host called “Snap Heap” to then load mini VST effects. Snap Heap has 4 serial busses, 8 macro knobs, 2 LFOs, 2 Envelops (with built in envelope follower), a keyboard map and midi controls built in for you to change the way the modules react. Their host, Multipass, takes things to the next level with 5 bands so you can affect different parts of the frequency spectrum differently. Sounds pretty crazy right? That’s because it is.
Want to up your finger drumming or keyboard skills? Melodics is training software with a huge library of targeted lessons designed to get you ready for live performance. It’s like Guitar Hero, but instead of getting good with a plastic guitar, you’re learning real skills with actual equipment that you use in your live performances. And it’s free!.
Splice is a sick company. They have a platform which allows you to share your projects files with friends and collab easier. They have a giant online sample library which is tagged and easily searchable. And you can also rent to own plugins if you’re on a budget. Splice should be your best friend.

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