Probability Pack by Sonic Faction

Create random midi information using these amazing Max For Live devices by Sonic Faction in Ableton.

In this video we take a look at the newest Ableton Live 10 Suite pack called the Probability Pack which contains five max for live midi effects that can mess with midi information using a variety of randomization and probability settings. Sometimes randomization is a great way to create new and exciting ideas that you may not have thought of on your own. 

Buy them on the Ableton Website.

Melodic Probability

A monophonic step sequencer made for melodies. Set the probability of the event, pitch and octave of each step.

Rhythmic Probability

A polyphonic sequencer made for rhythms. Set the probability of the velocity, length, and event of each step.

Step Divider

A polyphonic sequencer where each step can be divided into any number of smaller subdivisions for glitchy and chaotic results.

Dr. Chaos

A neural network that strings together notes and generates melodies in unpredictable ways.

Probability Arp

An arpeggiator with a built-in chord generator. Set the probability for rate, note direction (style), length and octave.

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